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This site has almost everything you need to know, about owning, restoring or racing a Suzuki T20, or 'Super Six' as it was known in the UK. (In other countries it was given names such as the 'X6' or 'Hustler') I have owned one T20 for twenty years and another for about 11 years - although neither had run in a long time! I started to restore my original T20 in early 1999, and this site covers that restoration in full. The bike restoration guide though is of course useful for all makes of motorcycles and I hope you find it so. My second T20 was built up from a rusty wreck into a competitive Classic Racing bike. My T20 Racing page tells you how I built and modified it. I entered my first race on this bike in August 2002, and went on to win the CRMC 250cc Twins championship on it in 2003!
My 1967 Suzuki T20

Over the racing season, I have teamed up with Team Spencer Classic Racing, who run a Suzuki T200 in the 200cc class. We have a lot of fun at meetings, and my new
T200 Racing page, gives an idea of some of the stranger characters involved in the British Classic Racing scene!

Have a good browse around the site and let me know what you think......But first a little introduction to the T20..

Suzuki T20 'Super Sport'

The T20 was the first six speed motorcyle to go in production in the world! It was a 247cc two-stroke twin with many advanced features for that time. It was first manufactured in 1965 and was produced through until 1969. The picture below from a 1967 sales brochure advertises its strengths.....

A nice picture

T20 features listed above are:

1) Racing type double leading shoe 8'' front brake 2) Aluminium alloy twin cylinder engine 3) Close ratio 6-speed transmission 4) Twin 24mm carburettors 5) POSI-FORCE lubrication 6) Air pump 7) Scientifically designed quiet efficient mufflers 8) Safe powerful 8'' rear brake 9) Wide type tail lamp 10) Safe bright turn signal lamps 11) 3 position adjustable shock absorbers 12) Wide, comfortable dual seat 13) 3.7 gal (14 litre) gasoline tank 14) Racing type throttle 15) Easy-to-read tachometer and speedometer 16) Sturdy oil damped telescopic front fork 17) 12 Volt fully approved lighting system

The sales brochure goes on to claim that you can "Ride for hour after hour at 90mph without worrying". Well maybe their test rider managed to, but I doubt it somehow. This was obviously published before the 'Trades Description Act' was passed. None the less the T20 was fast and I did manage a genuine 100 mph on one once.

About my T20's.....

I bought my first Super Six in 1979 and thrashed it continually until it's final demise in February 1981. In that short time I destroyed two gearboxes, holed three pistons and broke down several times. This was hardly "hour after hour.....without worrying". What fun I had though!
I left that bike to rust slowly away in February 1981, and only started to restore it in February 1999. My other T20 was bought as a rusty wreck in 1989 and was prepared for the track for the end of the 2002 season - Check out my racing page.

Work to do - April '99

The Plan.....

Bike 1
The restored bike had to be roadworthy in time for the February 2000 Dragon Rally in North Wales. I have gone to this Rally annually since 1980 with some very good friends, and we each had a 'Millennium Project Bike' to restore for this years event. Between us our 'projects' had been off the road for a total of 55 years! The idea of finally restoring our bikes in order to celebrate the Year 2000 Dragon Rally had fermented for some years, but the challenge was finally set - No excuses were allowed - get there or be humiliated. So, during '99/00, three garages were a hive of activity as restoration work progressed on a 1962 CB77 Honda, a 1953 Matchless G3, and my 1967 T20. Did we make it? Have a read of my Dragon 2000 adventure.

Bike 2
I have always wanted to race a T20 in Classic races, and somehow had to turn a rusty, seized up mess of a bike into a race-winning(!?) pristine piece of machinery. Restoration I had done many times before, but I had never prepared a race bike. The Racing section of my site tells you what I have done so far, how I did it, and where to get the necessary parts from. This part of my site has led to a lot of feedback, and it is amazing how many of you around the world are racing or building T20s. I have been fortunate in that so many people have been kind enough to offer me help, advice and in some cases sponsorship. Please support my sponsors, and remember to always mention when contacting anyone on my site - it helps me, it helps them, and it helps you, as without sponsorship, this site would not be as comprehensive as it is. You can follow my progress on the Racing page.

About this site..... (who, why, what for?)

The author

I have owned and worked on motorcycles for twenty three years now. For over four years I worked as a London despatch rider - now that was fun! ('Hello' to the guys at West 1 Couriers). I then ran my own motorcycle restoration, servicing and hire business.
Over the years I have built up a good knowledge of the motorcycle trade and the services availiable to the home restorer. On this site I will be giving as much information as I can about the restoration process, with lots of tips and ideas.
My knowledge of the Classic Racing world has increased vastly, and I share with you all that I know on my 'Racing' page.

The website

This site is T20 Suzuki specific and the links and suppliers listed are all relevant to T20's, although obviously many will be relevant to other motorcycles as well.
I have included a specification and service data section. It is hard to get hold of service data for the older Suzuki models but I have included most of what I have at present. I must thank Crooks Suzuki for their help, particularly with the information they gave me regarding Frame Numbers.
There is a thriving market out there in racing components for T20's. I will list as many as I can find in updates to this site. If you know of, or can offer any goods, services, tips or data then please send me an E-mail.
Please feel free to use my Noticeboard. Post up your advert, enquiry, contact, whatever! I am currently having over 1000 hits a month, all from people interested in T20's and similar bikes so get your advert up there! It does not have to be T20 specific. Anything about Classic Japanese bikes or the people that ride them.
If you want to add a comment about my site, a bike you have owned or anything really, please feel free to sign my guestbook. Alternatively, send me an Email.
If you want your bike and/or story listed on my Your Bikes page then send me all the details. I update this site as regularly as I can, (although not as often as I would like to)!
I have spent hundreds of hours putting this site together, and from the Emails I recieve, it seems to be appreciated. But now a request..... I have been given a lot of advice, help and general support from many of the companies or people listed on this site. If you contact any person or company through my site, PLEASE could you mention when you first get in touch with them? Thanks for your support in this.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Adrian Baker

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