Dragon Rally 2000

Yes we made it! After months of work to achieve pristine restorations on our bikes we rode through salt and rain to camp overnight in a muddy field! Look at my poor bike...... It looked so nice when I set out!

T20 and me, in a muddy field in Wales!

It sure was a rush to get all three bikes done in time though. I got my T20 running and through its' MOT test just one week before the rally.

My friends made it as well, so our Millennium project was a success. They both finished their bikes less than a week before the deadline. The CB77 Honda had done only 20 miles before we set out!

Happy chap
A cheerful Martin and his CB77

The Matchless was completed two weeks before the Rally, but awful problems including severe oil leaks and electrical faults, meant that it was finally ready at 6pm on the Friday evening we were due to set off! That is cutting it fine.

Nice hat
Graham loading up the Matchless

Here we all are enjoying ouselves outside a local pub near the Rally site. Don't we look happy? (Well I do!)

Bikers on tour
Graham, Ian, Myself, Martin and Maxie

The trip up there was great, although a blocked fuel tap stopped the CB77 only 1/4 mile from home! A great weekend was had by all, and despite the thousands of hours and pounds that we had spent on the bikes, it was all worth it in the end. See you there next year on your bike?

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