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Here are some videos I made recently of my T20 race bike. The first video is just a tour around the bike, although the other ones will be very useful to all T20 owners as they show how to strip the engine, check things over, and rebuild it. I'm used to being asked all kinds of questions via email, and cover the most common ones here. I hope that you find these useful.

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1) A tour around my Race bike

Before the engine strip, lets have a little look around my bike.

I think this video helps to give you a good idea of what my bike looks like and helps augment the pictures and instructions I give elsewhere on this site.

2) Removing and stripping the engine

This shows the main stages of stripping the engine and all of the things you need to be aware of when tackling such a job. I had to strip it down after a meeting at Darley Moor where the gearbox kept making horrible noises.

Hope you found that useful

3) Finding the gearbox fault

After stripping the bike, this video explains the gearbox fault found - quite a common problem

All I need now is some 'new' gearbox parts!

4) Rebuilding the engine

These two videos show you how to rebuild the engine. They warn of the many pitfalls that some people make - many T20 crankcases have been trashed by owners making basic mistakes whilst reassembling engines. So be careful!

Well thats the bottom end done. See the job finished in the video below.

Job done. Hope you found these videos useful.

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