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I have a made a few videos recently of race meetings and the great team of friends I race with. I have put these on YouTube and you can see them below. Just click on the video and it will load and play! The latest ones can be viewed in High Quality mode, but this isn't available with embedded videos like these ones. To se in High Quality you have to click the video where it says "YouTube" (bottom right hand corner) and this takes you to the YouTube site where you can then click the 'HQ' button. These look good in fullscreen mode too. You can also visit my YouTube channel and become a subscriber - t20racerman's Channel.
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1) Brands Hatch - July 2009

My favourite video so far: CRMC meeting, Brands Hatch - July 11/12th. That is Anita Buxton and her T20 on the front picture.
"Having trashed bikes galore at Donington Park, the team move on to Brands Hatch. More two-stroke mayhem with broken engines galore (as always!). Ex Suzuki GP star Steve Parrish and top Classic Racer Lea Gourlay watch on as Adrian Baker, Spike Sheldon, Anita Buxton and Jim Agombar endeavour to complete some races without blowing up yet more expensive engines. Michael Sheldon tries hard to get some sleep... whilst dreaming of not being lapped. Will he manage either?
All this and more...... "

I think this gives a really good overall picture of what we get up to at race meetings - racing, trashing bikes, repairing bikes, ribbing each other, drinking and having fun!

2) Donington Park - June 2009

The first one I did with my new video camera. Donington Park meeting - CRMC combined with the Norton Owners Club. A huge meeting with all kinds of bikes present.
"The CRMC team up with the Norton Owners Club for a Classic Race meeting at Donington. A trip round the pit garage of Lea Gourlay, which is shared by Spike Sheldon, Adrian Baker, Anita Buxton and others. Two Honda Sixes were parked next door..."

You just wouldn't believe how loud those Honda Sixes were - it was genuinely painful to be anywhere nearby! Look how even the hardened 'Petrol Heads' have their hands covering their ears!

3) Chimay, Belgium - A trip around the paddock -August 2009

Chimay is a superb road circuit in Belgium that I first raced in 2007. I took my video camera this year and am putting together several videos of the place. This one is just a general look around the Paddock for those who have never been:
"The Classic Racing meeting at Chimay is superb and this trip around the paddock tries to give you some idea of both the size of the meeting and the range of bikes there. TZs, T20s, Patons, Manx Nortons, Hondas, Harleys, and a Konig to name just a few!"

Chimay is well worth a visit whether you are racing or just visiting.

4) Snetterton - probably 2006

This quick snippet was taken on a camera using the video function and so the quality isn't brilliant:
This is the 350cc National race at Snetterton. Lea Gourlay on a 350cc Norton lapping me in the 350cc National race at Snetterton (I'm only on a 250...) Wife shouting in the background...

Lea is SO quick through Russels! My bike sounds nice though!

More videos to come - do watch this space!