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Name: T.Bert Rose (aka Polar Pilot)

Place: Canada


Story behind the bike:

Adrian only this spring did I discover that my 1968 X-6 , aka TC250 , was becoming a motorcycle of some interest!
I bought this machine in May of 1968 new and have riden it off and on for the past 31 years- since 1980 when I fell, my riding has been relatively limited but as you will see in the accompanying photos - in 1997 with a riding chum, ( we decided to be odd balls) we took my Suzuki and his 1973 Jawa to the Black Hills Classic rally at Sturgis South Dakota.
The bike had not been run since 1984 but when put away I had drained the carbs throughly and with a fresh battery and a bit of choke she fired and ran on the third kick.
I have not had her out for two years - working on a BMW and riding a Suzuki Savage - but seeing your page has inspiried me again

Strange petrol tank!
Thanks for your efforts on the web page - I am enclosing two photographs of my Hustler - please feel free to use them on your page if appropriate.
You will notice my bike has a very odd tank - looks like a Yamaha Big Bear - Marty in Florida tells me that Suzuki would patch any combination together at that time to get the machines out - regardless - it is still a great bike

Thanks again

T. Bert

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