Your Bikes

Name: Sam Simons

Place: Indiana, USA

Story behind my bikes:

My red T20:

The red '66 X6 was 'rescued' from it's former owner (in Ohio) who had let it set in a damp environment for years. Luckily little damage had taken place. I'd seen the bike years before, when it was in noticeably better condition......the dumbass. The speedo shows just 7400 miles. She needed only a carb rebuild and fresh crankshaft seals.

My blue T20:

The blue '66 'X6' is as recently purchased, in need of a carb rebuild and crank reseal, but very complete right down to the tirepump. Mileage is 5400. Cosmetically it's somewhat rough, but it is an excellent example of a 'survivor' so I'll likely leave her as is.....

Sam in Indiana

Email address:

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