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Name: Olaf Fleuth

Place: Solingen, Germany


Story behind the bike:

My Name is Olaf from Solingen in Germany. I purchased my T20, in green, in May 1979 for 250 DM at age 17 as apprentice. All my Friends go to the Disco, Olaf go to the T20 and work. Two years after, I restored it in brown.

Twenty Years no Motorcycling riding, Family and profession important. The second restore is in the year 2000 - 2001.

As you can see I did all the work in my house!

In Year 2000 (long time ago ) restore the T20 complete (Motor,varnish and Electric ) in my sittingroom on the third floor. Four Men lug the Bike upstairs! The House is my property with my brother in law (No Problem).

Since May 2001 drive the Bike 3000 KM on the Street without problems. Now I have time to search for a frontlamp and another parts.

My English is not good (school english - 24 year old ). I work on it.

Bye, Olaf.

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