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Name: Kevin Strowger

Place: Carlisle, Cumbria, England


Story behind the bike:

I built the bike from scratch buying various bits here and there and made the rest. Home produced parts include:
Footrests, brake levers,Clipons, Throttle, Fork yokes, Brake arms, and loads of others little bits and pieces.
Frame was modified by myself, However I now use a Tony Baker Frame and Swing Arm. Which is a direct copy but the tube is newer.
Fairing is a Yamaha TD3. Brackets I made.
Tank is from Peter Kyte of Custom Tank & Design. Alloy seats tend to crack so I use a fibreglass one from Crooks now.
Stopping it all is a GT 750 4LS front brake.

1999 Season.

4/4/99 Cadwell Park 3rd
5/4/99 Cadwell Park 4th & 4th
30/5/99 3 Sisters Wigan 1st &1st
31/5/99 3 Sisters Wigan 1st &1st
5/6/99 Oulton Park 3rd with a blown engine!
7/8/99 Brands Hatch 1st & 1st
8/8/99 Brands Hatch 1st (CRMC 20th Anniversary meeting)

21/8/99 to 1/9/99
Manx Grand Prix, Isle of Man 151 mile race broke down after 107 miles, Little end bearing broke up. Fastest lap was 96 mph average.

2000 Season

17/6/00 Pembrey 1st
18/6/00 Pembrey 1st & 2nd
8/7/00 Scarborough 350 2nd
9/7/00 Scarborough UK 250 1st Uk Classic superbikes 5th (1st 250)
23/7/00 Aberdare Park UK 250 1st, 250 OPEN 7th.
9/9/00 Scarborough UK 350 4th, UK 250 1st.
10/9/00 Scarborough UK 350 1st, UK 250 1st
22/10/00 Silverstone 1st

Would anyone like to sponsor this bike and rider for 2001? Has anyone got any T20 parts (Bottom ends, Engines?) just in case I break this one! If so PLEASE get in touch.

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