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Name:Alan Ratcliffe

Place:Darwen, Lancashire


Story behind the bike:

I first bought my T20 on 21st June 1966 from Vin Cunningham Motorcycles in Darwen Lancashire having ordered it as soon as I saw the T20 launch in The Motorcycle News. It was one of the first batch to be imported into this country. It's engine number is T20-22834 and frame number T20-22733. The 2 photographs were taken in September 1966. I kept WTJ 88D for 3 years until I bought a T500 Cobra. It has had quite a hard life since I sold it. When I bought it for the second time the then owner had run the oil tank dry and wrecked the crank and barrels. He took the crank into Vin Cunningham's shop for repair and then decided not to carry on with the repair on finding out the cost of a reconditioned crank. I had become good friends with Vin and on recognising the registration number he contacted me to see if I was interested in buying back my first real bike. It was a wreck and with an number of components having been changed for T250 parts. In 1978 I bought it for 50 in several large cardboard boxes.

An impending marriage and subsequent family meant that motorcycles had a low priority and it has languished for the past 23 years in the attic of my house. Now that the family has grown up it is time to start the task of restoration. I have bought most of the parts needed over the years and also I bought a second T20 to use for parts. I, like yourself have found Crooks Suzuki very helpful along with Vin Cunningham Motorcycles. Recently I have been in contact with Governors Bridge Motorcycles in Atherstone Warwickshire and they too have been very helpful.

Best regards
Alan Ratcliffe
Email address:

Editors note - I look forward to seeing the photos when it is all restored.

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