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1) Suppliers of Parts and Services

Crooks Suzuki is a major supplier of all Suzuki parts and services. They stock many T20 parts and have excellent helpful staff. These guys know T20's really well and are keen to help with any query no matter how small. Phone your order on 01229 822342 or use their online ordering form.
Get your brakes relined at Supreme Motorcycles (Leicestershire). You get far better stopping power on modern linings than on originals. Supreme are also lining my T20 racebike linings for me - check out my 'Racing' page.
Agreat company for supplying parts for old bikes is Anderson Vintage Parts in the USA . They are so helpful and sponsor a good collegue of mine, as well as helping me where they can! Their new website has an excellent forum that is very useful too!
My racebike cables were specially made by Venhill Engineering. They produce cables for all bikes, know T20's well and make up any cable, of any size that you require - essential for racing!
RF1 Screening (Hertfordshire) are the company that I use for all of my bead, vapour or grit blasting. They are a friendly company who are happy to help out with those fragile tinware parts and can make your Aluminium casings look like new! Phone Steve Noble on 01920 822730.
Brooklands Welding Services are based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Aluminium castings are their speciality, although all work undertaken. Phone them on 01707 323483 and ask for John. If it can be welded, this company can do it.
A.M. Philpot (Hard Chrome) Ltd will straighten and re-chrome your pitted forks. Nationwide collection and delivery service. Phone them on 01582 571234
SEP in Kegworth (East Midlands) are an excellent engineering company who are knowledgable about T20s. See their handywork on my bike. ( Rebuild progress.) Contact them by phone on 01509 673295.
Gov'ners Bridge Motorcycles specialise in second hand parts for early Japanese motorcycles. They often have T20 parts in stock. They are in Atherstone, Warwickshire (my hometown some years ago). Send them an E-mail if you are searching for some parts. Alternatively, for a quicker response, phone them on 01827 712906.
NOStalgic Suzuki make and supply reproduction emblems, stickers, badges and parts. Essential stuff for a perfect restoration.
Bran Bardsley is a Suzuki dealer in North Wales, specialising in the older models. He holds large stocks of T20 spares, and is very helpful with all enquiries.
Huckle Heath Coachbuilders (Hertfordshire) produce excellent quality work. From simple welding to making completely new parts. Phone them on 01279 842735 for all your hard to repair/replace tinware.
An excellent powder coating company is Conqueror (Hertfordshire). They do a lot of vintage car and bike parts. Phone them on 01763 249535. Remember to ask for a gloss finish!
Get your nuts, bolts and small brackets 'Barrel' zinc plated at Ashby's Plating Works, Alexandra Road, Ponders End, Enfield. An excellent service at a good price. Chrome plating too. My T20 racebike ront fork oilseal holders were chromed here. Phone them on 0208 804 1025. A very helpful company who understand bikes.
A high quality Chrome plating firm is Cambridge ElectroPlaters (Cambridgeshire). Phone them on 01223 352464.
R.K. Leighton in Birmingham is the expert at seat recovering. I have used them many times, always with excellent results. Phone them on 0121 359 0514.
Cetem Polishing Supplies in Birmingham can supply everything you need to produce a high quality finish on all alloy parts. Phone them for a catalogue on 0121 749 7080.
Vintage Japanese Motorcycle World is a website under construction down in Australia. They have a list of T20 parts for sale which you can order online, and have posted anywhere in the world.

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2) Books and Manuals

You can buy the items below by clicking on the photo or the link for each book featured. If you buy via my site link I get a small commission of about 10% for each item bought. I doubt very much if I will become a ' millionaire' from this service, but all money raised will go towards the funding of my T20 racebike project. If you click on the Amazon logo and go to their site directly from my site, you can buy thousands of items, all of which will give me some commision and help me race my bike! So please, do your shopping through Amazon by clicking on their logo on my site !! (I will report back to you how much (little) I raise this way. Thanks for your support!

**** Latest News ****
July 2002 - I just got my first cheque for 11.41 from Amazon!! Yippee!

"But I'm an American" you say, I don't want to buy stuff in English pounds! Well OK then, buy from and pay in dollars! I will soon have a proper link up here with all the books I recommend below. However, in the meantine, click on the Amazon .com link and do a book search.

'Suzuki Two-Strokes' by Roy Bacon. Osprey Publishers.
This is a really handy, and very interesting book containing the story of early Suzuki's (1952 - 1979). There are lots of facts, details and pictures right from the postwar period, right up until the end of the T and GT model bikes. Motorcross, Road Racing and the rotary engined RE5 are all covered. A superb book - I answer loads of Email questions using this book!
A 'must buy' for all Suzuki fans.
Suzuki Two-Strokes
Tuning for Speed by Phil Irving.
This book first appeared in 1948 and since then has been the bible for anyone, amateur or profesional, seriously interested in boosting engine efficiency. The fifth edition came out in 1969, followed by this, the sixth edition (1987). Nearly all the bikes featured are British bikes, but there is a section on tuning two-stokes. Not fully relevant if you are only interested in T20s, but a fantastic and fascinating read, of interest to all bike owners. A 'must buy' for all you 'petrol-heads' out there.
A Twist of the Wrist II by Keith Code.
So you think you know how to ride a bike? I did until I read this book. Keith Code has raced bikes for years, from local races right up to GP level, and now runs the California Superbike School. You can ride safer AND faster using tips in this book. e.g. You go too fast into a bend and are leaning over as much as you dare when the curve tightens up a little more. What do you do?
If you're not sure and think that this situation could happen to you - get buying!!!

This page is still under construction. More books to purchase will be online soon.

The books below are out-of-print and no longer availiable new. Search around for them though as they are well worth having.

**** LATEST NEWS *****
I now have a small stock of both of the two manuals listed below. Email me for prices!

'Suzuki service repair manual - 125-500cc twins 1964-1974'. Clymer publications.
This is a really good Clymer manual packed full of useful information. It is out of print but it is well worth searching around for. (mail me - I now stock these...)
'Suzuki 250 & 350 twins 1966-1978'. Haynes Publishing. ISBN 0 85696 506 5. Service information for T20's is given although the bike stripped down for the pictures is a T250. It was out of print, although Haynes are republishing many 'classic' manuals. (mail me - I now stock these...)
'The Vintage Motorcyclists Workshop' by Radco. Haynes Publishing. ISBN 0-85429-472-4.
Although, as the title suggests, this book is aimed at Vintage bikes, the information it provides can come in very useful. If you think restoration work is a long thankless task, read this for inspiration!

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3) Suzuki T20 related websites.

(Click on the logos to enter)
Eddie Crooks raced T20 Suzukis back in the sixties.
Read about it here.
Roy Fosslies T20 site is an extremely interesting and detailed site dedicated to the Suzuki T20. This contains everything from model specifications for different countries and different years, through to restoration guides, photos etc.
James Woodley's Homepage. Another T20 enthusiast who is presently restoring two T20s. Includes some lovely pictures.
The Internet Museum has a T20 site, with a picture and model information.
This Suzuki Owners Club site is for all Suzuki enthusiasts. It has an excellent Noticeboard where you can add adverts or comments online. Try it
The V.J.M.C. (USA) site is for all vintage Japanese motorcycle enthusiasts.There is a good range of services and adverts on this site. Join the vjmc online.
The V.J.M.C. (UK) site also has a lot of information online.
Malcolm Nettleship has restored a CB72 Honda and is presently restoring a T20. Read about it on his homepage.

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4) Racing

Click here for fest sparks When it comes to electronic ignition Rex Caunt Racing are the experts.
Read all about them in my 'Racing' section.

Click here to go very fast indeed! The Stan Stephens Performance Centre in Kent is THE place to go for race tuning, race related goodies and general engineering. Stan Stephens is one of the UK's best known engine tuners and he has been in the business for over 30 years.
He built his reputation on race bikes and for a long time has been synonymous with two strokes. Stan Stephens will be tuning my T20 racer, and this will be featured on my 'Racing' section as it develops.

What a fantastic day out! What a great way to have a days's racing - at a SOC Track Day event. I thrashed my Ducati 916 round Rockingham race circuit, cornering faster than I ever have before.

You don't need a Suzuki or a Sports bike, just a desire for fun. The events are run by an ex London Despatch rider
Bob Husband and Trach Day novices are made to feel very welcome and at ease. Email Bob for details, or click on the Logo for his (basic!) web site.

Join the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club if you want to race your old bike. C.R.M.C race meetings are great fun so go along and watch the action.

If you want your T20 racer to last a season, an Ian Ambler 4-Bearing crankshaft conversion is a must! As he says about his work, "I think my best achievement was 3 of my cranks in the first 5 one year at the Manx" - Not bad!

A really good site for your racing goodies (eg levers, clip-ons, racing hubs, mudguards, tools - you name it) is Disco Volante Moto. An odd name, but a great place - plus 10% discount to all us race guys!

For your Racing Carburettors, spares, cables, manifolds, jetting, whatever, check out Allens Performance. They supply everthing you need, and give advice on jetting.... A great place.

This is an excellent site. M3 Racing take the sport seriously! Bikes, spares, info - the lot! Check it out.

See what a T20 racer can look like and order you building supplies at the same time!

For great photographs of your races or other sporting events try the services of Sport-Pics. I had a look at the excellent pictures on their website and saw a lovely picture of myself at Lydden. Very nice!

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5) Other Motorcycle links

The "Old Bike Mart" is a 'must-have' journal for all restorers of old motorcycles. Check out this really good on-line version.

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics is the best magazine in the UK for the owners and restorers of Classic Japanese motorcycles. Read the on-line version here and then go and buy a copy!

Try Ronnie Cramers'
Motorcycle Web Index for the most comprehensive listing of motorcycle related links I have ever seen. Thousands of sites are listed.

This is a new and expanding site with UK based motorcycling information - dealers, tuning, racing, events guide, links etc. Check it out.
An excellent site to visit for all those interested in the Club Racing scene is Loads of news, views and free ads. Well worth a look at.
A new and growing site, well worth a visit is A really good layout, with many good links, free ads, etc. A good site.

A new venture is This site enables you to advertise your classic bike/spares/whatever. There is not a lot on there yet - so put your advert up and support it!

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If you are interested in Suzuki T20's and would like to add to this page, advertise a service, or just want to say hello, Then please send me an E-mail.
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