New Forum Announcement

Unfortunately spammers hacked my old forum and flooded it with thousands of spam notices. I tried to clean up the damage but failed and the data was destroyed. The webhosting company failed in their promise of always having 7 day back-ups too. All the useful info, posts, photos, discussions, help and advice, dating back many years, have now gone for good. Yes, I f***ed up too by not having a back-up, although the forum data was the ONLY thing I didn't have a copy of as "Our (hosting) company guarantees 7 day back-ups"!

I felt very strongly like just giving up, but that lets the scum of the world win, so here we go again. My new forum can be found here:

My new Forum is here

It all looks a little lonely and forlorn at the moment, so please sign up and post something such as a brief hello, pictures of your bike(s), questions, whatever! The new forum has more features - you can post pictures, have a nice avatar, and much, much more. Hope you like it.

Nice to be back :-)
Adrian Baker
29th November 2012